How to Charge Xbox One Controller

The Xbox controller from Microsoft is a massive hit since its release in 2013 in the gaming industry.

It is a wireless gaming controller, which reduces wiring-related problems while gaming. It provides you with tension-free playing for hours through its new wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Being wireless, the Xbox comes with battery-powered technology. Talking about its rechargeability, it comes with its original ‘play and charge kit’ from its developers. This kit gives you 30 – 40 hours of playing on a single 4-hour charge.

You can even play while charging your Xbox controller. However, it is not the only method to charge your controller.

In this article, you will get to know everything regarding charging your Xbox controller, various ways, their pros, and cons, and a detailed step-by-step description of each.

How to Charge Xbox One Controller Ways

There are three main ways to charge your Xbox controller. These ways are the most popular besides charging it through the most conventional method. All of them will require a USB cable to connect the controller for charging.

Microsoft Play N Charge Kit

The Xbox Play N Charge Kit is the official way to charge your Xbox controller. The Xbox does not come with this kit, you are required to buy this kit separately as an accessory for your Xbox.

Created by the developer, Microsoft itself, it is the most convenient way to charge your Xbox controller. You can use your Xbox controller for up to thirty hours with this official charging kit. Battery charging takes only four hours.  

However, the best is yet to know about this amazing kit. It’s still possible to play games while your controller is charging, how cool is that? The Xbox controller will automatically charge while you play when you connect it to the console. It is the most effective one-time investment for uninterrupted gaming.


Batteries are the oldest method to charge your gaming controller. Batteries may seem appealing to you at first due to them being cheaper than Microsoft’s play and charge kit. But, it may eventually prove to be costlier than the kit.

If you are a heavy gamer, a couple of batteries wouldn’t last for long for you. These batteries need to be replaced by a new one, each time they die. Because they are not rechargeable.

Hence, it will consume a lot of money for buying new batteries, each time they wear off. Secondly, you shall always be ready for an extra pair of brand-new batteries for your uninterrupted gaming.

Your Xbox controller demand AA batteries or double-A batteries, as they call them. There’s a dedicated battery compartment present at the back of the controller. To insert the batteries, you need to open the battery cover at the back of your Xbox.

After opening the cover, you will see the positive and negative signs instructed for the proper insertion of batteries. Carefully insert these batteries, close the battery cover, and you are ready to use your controller.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

With a rechargeable battery pack for your Xbox controller, you can get similar functionality to the Xbox Play N Charge Kit. There are various brands in the market which provide the same functions as the official play and charge kit by Microsoft.

You just need to be careful in buying these. Check the reviews, guarantees, and other details carefully before buying one in haste.

What Is the Best Xbox Controller Charger?

The above-mentioned three ways are the best methods to charge your Xbox controller. Think wisely about which one suits your need.

If you are here for our advice, then we will suggest that the play and charge kit from Microsoft is the best Xbox controller charger. Many qualities qualify it to be the best Xbox controller charger.

It is cost efficient than batteries. It allows you to play while you charge. Its shelf life is more than compared to other rechargeable batteries. All these features combinedly make it the best Xbox controller charger.

Can I Charge Xbox One Controller with a Phone Charger?

Yes, it is possible to charge your Xbox one controller with your phone charger. But, there are some conditions which you shall keep in mind before using any charger.

The charger which you use shall have a USB micro cable with a good quality adapter. The charger shall be that of the android mobile type-C and not of any other mobile.

Having kept the following criteria in mind, proceed to charge your controller with your mobile charger. To do so, attach the USB micro cable to the port given on the Xbox controller and attach the charger with a compatible adapter to a wall socket.

You can also attach the other end of the USB cable, attached to your wireless Xbox controller to a PC or computer to charge it from the PC.


1. Can I charge rechargeable batteries in my Xbox One controller?

Yes, you can charge your rechargeable batteries in your Xbox controller. To charge, you just need a micro USB-C cable to connect it to an adapter pinned to a socket.

2. Can I play with my Xbox One controller without using batteries?

Yes, you can play with your Xbox one controller, without using batteries. There’s a trick for making this possible. To do so, you need to plug in a USB micro cable type C charger while you play. This way, you can surpass the need for batteries.

3. Does the Micro USB cable have to be connected to the Xbox One directly?

No, you shall not connect your micro USB cable to any electrical outlet directly. You need an adapter for that, having a 0.5 V power outlet with a current of 1-2 Amperes. Any power source more than that can damage your controller.

4. Is It Possible to Recharge AA Batteries with A Micro USB Cord?

The answer to this question will be an echoing ’no.’ don’t ever try to recharge your AA batteries with a USB cable. If you ever try to do so, you may end up firing your controller, and damaging it permanently.

5. Is It Possible to Play with My Xbox One Controller Without Needing Batteries?

Yes, it is possible to play with your Xbox one controller without needing batteries. In such a case, your controller will no longer remain a wireless controller. Because then, you would be needing a constantly charging USB cable attached to your controller.


Hereby, we have reached the end of this article. We have covered everything you need to know about the Xbox controller and how to charge it. We have discussed the ways to charge your Xbox, the best charger for your controller, and stepwise charging procedures for each. We have also answered most of your queries regarding charging the Xbox one controller.

To conclude, the play and charge kit by Microsoft is the best charger for your Xbox one controller. Charging using this kit has been described above in this article. Hope this article has proved to help solve all your queries regarding charging the Xbox controller.

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