How To Make Your Xbox Controller Vibrate?

Suppose you are one of the gaming enthusiasts who wish to enhance their gameplay by exploiting the full features of the Xbox Controller.

In that case, you can do so by enabling the vibration feature to add a more realistic feel to your gaming session while shooting at your opponents or driving a vehicle.

However, if you are a beginner and are confused about how to change the controller settings or wish to know about third-party accessories, do not worry. In today’s article, we will learn about different ways in which you can make your Xbox controller vibrate.

So, without waiting any further, let us get started.

How To Make Your Xbox Controller Vibrate?

The two unique ways to make your Xbox controller vibrate are using the controller’s inbuilt settings or relying on any third-party accessories. Both methods are discussed in detail as follows.

Using Built-In Setting

It is one of the easiest methods to make the Xbox controller vibrate as the console supports this feature and users can navigate to Settings to enable Vibration support for the device.

These settings will help you use the vibrations for enjoying your favorite gaming titles. However, using such a feature will also drain the battery of your Xbox controller more quickly. Follow the given instructions to enable the vibration feature using the Settings option.

  • Turn on your Xbox console and head to the Settings menu.
  • Under the list of options, choose Controller and Accessories.
  • Select the Vibrations option and enable it. This will enable the vibrations on your console controller and the feature will be available when you press any button or move the joystick during the gameplay.

Use Third Party Accessories

Most controllers feature the vibration option for improving the gameplay sessions. However, if your controller does not support such a feature, users can also try adding any third-party accessory to their Xbox controller to add the vibration option.

Razer Hydra is a popular accessory available that can help you enjoy vibrations on your Xbox controller without adjusting the in-built settings. They are ideal if you do not wish to switch to a different controller to use the vibration feature.

Using a third-party accessory will also be much cheap compared to investing in a new controller.

How To Make Your Xbox Controller Vibrate Constantly On PC?

Enabling the vibration feature on your Xbox controller is simple and requires you to follow the given steps.

  • To begin the process, you will have to connect the Xbox controller to your PC using the USB cable. Once the controller is connected after plugging into the USB slot, launch the Xbox accessories application. If you do not have it installed in your system, you can download it for free using the Microsoft Store.
  • Launch the application and choose Vibrations from the given options. Under the Intensity tab, use the slider available to increase the intensity of vibrations for better gameplay sessions.
  • Press the Test option to check the made changes as it will allow the controller to replicate the vibrations to cater to your needs. Once you are satisfied with the results, select the Stop option.

How Do I Make an Xbox Controller Vibrate Nonstop?

Users can also change their Xbox controller to vibrate nonstop based on their requirements. Using a third-party application to achieve this objective would be an ideal choice.

X360ce is a popular tool that can help you perform repetitive vibrations by modifying the registry key for your controller.

However, it does require a complex process which makes it less appealing to beginners. Furthermore, you can also take the help of hardware mods available to make the controller vibrate permanently.

It is also crucial to state that this method cannot be undone and thus special caution should be taken while using such a technique.

How To Customize Vibration Patterns On Xbox?

Follow the given steps to customize the vibration patterns on your Xbox.

  • Use the Xbox button on the controller to head to the Guide or Settings option.
  • Head to the Profile and System tab and choose Settings.
  • Under the Accessibility tab, locate the Controller option and select Vibration Settings.
  • Choose the controller from the available choices for which you wish to customize the vibration patterns and select Configure.
  • In case you have an Xbox wireless controller, choose to Turn on Vibrations to enable it for your gaming needs.
  • For Xbox wireless controllers, choose the configuration profile followed by Edit> Vibrations.


What App Makes Controllers Vibrate?

X360ce is a notable application that allows the controller to vibrate to improve their gameplay sessions. Users can install it on their PC and enjoy vibrations while playing their favorite games.

Why Does My Controller Stop Vibrating?

Your controller may be facing issues with the vibration feature as the vibration is disabled from the Settings menu. Under such a condition, use the Xbox button to access the guide menu and head to Controller settings to enable the vibrating feature.

Furthermore, you can use any third-party accessory available for vibrating on your Xbox controller to enable it and reap the benefits of such feature associated with it.

It is also vital to state that having vibrations enabled permanently can also damage the controller or drain up the batteries faster. Thus it is recommended to adapt the future for limited use to avoid reducing the lifespan of the Xbox controller, which can be troublesome.

Does Xbox Controller Have Trigger Vibration?

Yes, Xbox wireless controller (Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox series X/S) supports a trigger vibration feature owing to two independent motors present within the trigger that helps you attain selective vibration while performing different actions, such as firing a gun or driving a vehicle during the game.


This was everything you need to improve your gameplay experience by enabling the vibration feature on your Xbox controller. Turning on the vibration feature from the in-built settings is the easiest way to resolve the issue.

From shooting at enemies to driving vehicles, having the vibration feature enabled can turn your boring sessions into exciting ones.

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