How To Connect PS5 Controller To Any Device 

Connecting your PS5 controller to any device is really easy. You just need a cable or a Bluetooth connection to make it happen.

Connecting via USB is the most straightforward way. If your PC or Mac doesn’t have Bluetooth, then you’ll probably want to use a cable.

But even if it does, connecting with a cable has its advantages: the PS5 controller will be powered while connected, so you won’t need to worry about keeping its battery charged on top of everything else. That’s not possible when connecting wirelessly over Bluetooth.

You can connect using either method on both Windows and macOS computers (as well as Linux more on that in a moment). However, using a USB cable requires installing PS5-specific drivers for Windows devices only.

For macOS computers, this step isn’t necessary; instead, the computer will recognize the controller as soon as it’s plugged in and begin working with it automatically.

But for any version of Windows even the new Windows 10 you’ll need to download and install PS5 drivers from Sony’s website before you can start playing games with your new controller on your PC or laptop.

Connect PS5 Controller With Steam

To use your PS5 controller with steam, follow the steps given below:

  • Connect the PS5 controller to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the Steam app.
  • Click Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.
  • Check the box to enable the PS5 controller, if it is not already checked.

In most cases, if you’re using an older game, this is all you need to do for that game to recognize and support your new PlayStation 5 controller. However, if you run into issues or experience lag while playing games with your PS5 controller on Steam.

Try updating the firmware of your DS4Windows application by navigating to Controllers > Software Update in DS4Windows and try again.

Connect PS5 Controller To iPhone or iPad 

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can connect your PS5 controller to it with the Apple DualSense app.

If you’re using a non-Apple controller on your iPhone or iPad (e.g., an Xbox One controller), then you’ll need to jailbreak your device first because of Apple’s restrictions.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Download and install the official DualSense app from the App Store if you haven’t already done so.
  • Open the app and tap Find Controller on the bottom right corner of your screen. Your device will display a list of compatible controllers; select DUALSHOCK® 5 Wireless Controller (should be near the top of the list).

Connect PS5 Controller To Android  

Connecting the PS5 controller to Android is a straightforward process. First, make sure your controller is fully charged and all devices are turned on.

Then plug the smaller end of the USB charging cable into the port on top of your controller and connect the other end to your device’s USB OTG port.

If you’re connecting a DualSense wireless PS5 controller, you can do this wirelessly by pressing and holding down the PlayStation button and Share button together for three seconds or until the light bar in front of the touchpad begins flashing blue.

You’ll then need to pair them by following one of two simple methods:

  • Launch an app that supports DUALSHOCK 4/DUALSHOCK 5 controllers, such as Minecraft for Android or PUBG Mobile.
  • Pair it within Android’s Bluetooth settings menu (may vary depending upon the device).

Connect PS5 Controller With Xbox 

Connecting your PS5 controller to your Xbox console is a breeze, and you can even use more than one at the same time!

In fact, the PS5 controller works with all Xbox games just like a normal Xbox controller. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Hold down the share button on the back of the controller (the part where your fingers go). You’ll see a light bar flash for about three seconds.
  • Press and hold on to any Xbox button to pair it with your device. You’ll know it’s connected when you see a solid light bar (indicating that it’s ready to use), followed by a flashing light bar (indicating that it’s in pairing mode). If you only see flashing lights, press and hold any button on your Xbox One or Series X|S controller instead of any other device.
  • To connect via USB: Plug in an Xbox One or Series X|S USB cable into your PS3/PS4/PC controller port, then press and hold any button on the front panel for about two seconds until you see solid lights indicating that it’s connected successfully. That’s all there is to connecting two controllers to one console!


Can You Connect The Ps5 Controller To PS4?

No. The PS5 controller, officially named the DualSense controller, is not compatible with the PS4.

Sony made changes to both the design and technology of the controller in order to give you a better experience while playing on your brand-new system.

The DualSense uses a USB Type-C charging port which is much newer than the Micro USB Type B used by the DualShock 4.

If you’re invested in Sony products and plan on making the upgrade from PS4 to PS5, we recommend holding onto your old controller just in case one day it’s supported by PlayStation Now or something similar new system.

Can You Connect A Ps5 Controller To A Phone?

In theory, yes. However, it’s not as simple as connecting one of the original PS4 controllers to your phone via Bluetooth.

The only way to use a PS5 Dual Sense controller on your phone is by using a controller adapter or cable like this one from 8BitDo.

You can also connect it directly to a PC or Mac with a compatible software like DS4Windows or Parsec. And if you have an Android device, you might be able to pair the two with an app like Octopus.

Can You Use A PS5 Controller On Other Consoles?

You can’t use a PS5 controller to play Xbox games, and vice versa. It’s not possible to connect a DualShock 5 controller to an Xbox One, Series X, or Series S console. In addition, you can’t use a fully wireless PS5 controller on any other system except the PlayStation 5 itself.

It is possible to use the PS5’s DualSense controller on PC, Mac, and Android devices if you have the right equipment.

However, while you can physically connect your PS5 controller to another machine using one of these adapters, that doesn’t mean it will work with whatever game you want to play.

The good news is that many modern titles support both Sony and Microsoft controllers pretty much interchangeably so you might be fine plugging your DualSense into PC or Android and playing at least some of your Steam collection using it.


We’ve walked you through how to connect the PS5 controller to other devices. We’ve also gone over how it works with iOS, Android, and Xbox, as well as what you need to do in order to use the PS5 controller with a PC.

If you want to play games that are on Steam, then it’s worth exploring all these options and seeing which one is best for your setup.

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