How To Fix The PS5 Controller Button Sticking?

Th PS5 controller buttons are vital in various in-game actions. It offers players the ability to interact with different items in the game, change stances, jump and take charge of other crucial actions.

However, sometimes the PS5 controller button starts feeling mushy. In such situations, the gaming performance of players comes at stake as they find it difficult to switch between items and get back the controller button in the original shape.

If you face such issues, then there is no need to panic about it as here in this article, we’ll try to resolve this issue faced by players by mentioning four accurate ways to fix sticky controller buttons.

What Causing My PS5 Controller Button To Stick?

PS5 Controller Button Sticking

Being aware of the actual cause behind the malfunctioning of the controller help in fixing the issue instantly. Below we have enlisted several factors that contribute to making the controller buttons feel squishy.

  • There are instances when there is a major defect in the manufacturing process, and then users purchase the controller, which starts feeling mushy in a while.
  • It is vital to keep cleaning your PS5 regularly as the accumulation of dust and debris is one of the common reasons behind the stickiness.
  • PS5 controllers are tender to use. One must use them with care and must not be too harsh, as pressing the controller buttons too hard with force leads to button sticking.
  • Improper maintenance and rarely cleaning of the controller is another issue. Make use of compressed air, alcohol, and other components to clean it at least once a week.
  • The use of a conductive rubber pad underneath your button is another factor to be considered.
  • Lodging of oil, dirt, and other contaminants from the hand is also a problem to be fixed. Ensure that your hands are clean before touching the controller.

Fixing Sticky PS5 Controller Face Buttons

To solve the button sticking issue of your PS5 controller and let you users enjoy gaming without any interruption we have gathered effective measures to fix sticky controller buttons:-

Fix 1: Rub Isopropyl Around The PS5 Controller Button That Is Sticking

91% alcohol is an ideal disinfectant to clean any electronic equipment, especially the controllers. It is the most effective and safest means to carry out(recommended by experts) and fix the squishy PS5 controller.

To begin with, take the 91% isopropyl alcohol and the q-tip and dip in it. Now settle down the controller in a clean place and rub the solution around the sticky buttons, which are causing an interruption in your game. One must be very gentle while cleaning the buttons.

Once you finish rubbing the isopropyl solution, check the working condition of your controller by pushing the button 50 odd times.

If still the stickiness isn’t gone, repeat the process and rub the alcohol again and again to get the best result.

Even after this, if the sticky button issue is not fixed, the reason behind it may be the conductive rubber pad underneath the button. Disassemble the controller and replace the conductive rubber pad to settle the problem.

Tip: After cleaning your controller take an online controller test to verify its buttons working properly or need to try other fixes.

Fix 2: Use WD-40 And Spray It Around The PS5 Sticky Button

Using WD-40 to prevent your PS5 controller buttons from sticking is an effective method as WD-40 is a great lubricant, rust remover, and degreaser. You can do this by directly spraying the WD-40 around the PS5 buttons and wiping the excess liquid using a towel.

After this, press the PS5 buttons multiple times to let the lubricant settle down to the bottom and make friction between the buttons. Before beginning this process, make sure your PS5 controller is turned off and disconnected.

Additionally, you can insert a half-cut straw around the PS5 buttons to create some gap so that the lubricant settles down proportionately and works even better. Keep repeating the process every week as maintenance and fix the PS5 buttons on the pad that tend to feel sticky even after cleaning.

This process is 100% efficient and works for all the PS5 buttons. Although, it does not prove beneficial for sticks, bumpers, and trackpads.

Fix 3: Dismantle The PS5 Dual-Shock Controller And Clean It Manually

If the first two solutions do not work for you, you can try to disassemble the PS5 controller and clean it using an alcohol pad, pry tool, and screwdriver. However, if your controller is not in its warranty period and you do not have adequate expertise, we recommend avoiding disassembling the PS5 dual-shock controller.

Instead, you can give your controller to a technician who has experience in fixing such consoles and controllers, or you can try reaching out to SONY’s customer care team to ask for a replacement. A free controller repair would be available if the device is in its warranty period.

Fix 4: Try To Avoid Pressing The PS5 Face Buttons Too Hard

It is the most basic yet crucial factor to keep in mind to prevent your controller buttons from sticking. For instance, during an intense battle in Demon’s Souls, players naturally apply extra force. These movements can damage the mechanism if continued for a prolonged period.

So, be gentle on your PS5 face buttons and protect your internals from wearing off.


So, it was all about the measures to be taken to overcome the mushy controller buttons. I hope that this article aids you in settling down the problem and bringing the controller’s buttons back to their actual shape. Doing so will get back your old, engaging gaming sessions.

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