Testing your gamepad or controller is now made super easy using our online
tool Gamepad tester, eliminating the need to install any third-party software.




Testing your gamepad or controller is now made super easy using our online tool Gamepad tester, eliminating the need to install any third-party software.

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Try pressing buttons or moving analogs on your gamepad or controller.
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What is a Gamepad Tester?

Gamepad tester is an online application that enables the users to readily test the working of the gamepads and controllers. It shows the current state of your gamepads, controllers, input, joysticks, and other devices. You can also view the functionalities of various buttons and other inputs like trigger buttons or shoulder buttons along with joysticks. It is easy to use and compatible with all types of controllers. Additionally, the gamepad tester will also aid users in debugging broken gaming controllers, hardware, and other input devices.

Let gamers fix their gamepad controllers working with minimal effort using this handy tool!

How to Test Gamepad?

Imagine purchasing a new gamepad or controller and inspecting that the character is moving when you aren't pushing anything and the trigger buttons are not as accurate as they used to be. It would be something annoying. To avoid such a situation, examine your gamepad controller and continue playing uninterruptedly. All the players need to do is implement these below easy-to-follow steps:-

  • Firstly, begin by pulling up the Gamepad tester webpage. Stay on the homepage only.
  • If the controller you want to test isn't connected to the computer, then a message pops up 'no gamepad detected.'
  • There are two ways to connect your controller to the pc. Either through a USB cord or by pairing it with your computer's operating system using Bluetooth.
  • If any of the controllers, especially the wireless controller, the ones that have no USB port in them, then connect their controller to the pc by pairing it with Bluetooth.
  • Once the controller is paired or plugged into the pc, launch back the site to test your controller's working.
  • Hit the buttons, and the webpage will inspect the controller instantly and display some numbers, giving you the signals the controller is outputting.
  • When you press any button on your controller or move the gamepad stick over the screen, you observe a blinking illustration, and a 'controller detected' message pops up, indicating the proper functioning of your controller.

How To Take a Controller Stick Drift Test?

  1. Connect your gaming controller to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, depending on the controller and your computer's capabilities.
  2. Once your controller is detected, you should see a visual representation of the controller on the screen.
  3. Look for the sections corresponding to the analog sticks on the controller representation. They are labeled as "Left Stick" and "Right Stick."
  4. Rest the analog sticks in their default or centered position without touching them. Observe the display on the screen to see if the stick positions remain centered or if there is any movement occurring without your input.
  5. Move each analog stick in different directions and release them. Pay close attention to the display to check for any drifting movement of the stick position.
  6. Repeat the movements and observations several times to ensure consistency and accuracy in your assessment.

Remember that this method provides a basic assessment, and for a more comprehensive evaluation, it's advisable to test the controller with actual games or software on your gaming platform.

How Does Gamepad Test Work?

There is no rocket science behind the working algorithm of the gamepad tester. When users strike the button or move the gamepad sticks over the screen, it should display the movement of your analog stick on pc.

When we press the button and the gamepad is in appropriate working condition, then, the controller Detected message will pop up with the name of your controller on the gamepad server. If the user wants to examine multiple controllers or gamepads, they must proceed one by one.

Features of Gamepad Tester

Why choose our gamepad tester?


Cross-platform support

The handy test supports all leading operating platforms like Windows 10,7,11, macOS, Linux, and Chromebook.


Compatible with all browsers

All the functionalities of the controllers are compatible with all browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This compatible nature makes it stand out from other tools.


Multiple device support

It is an apt platform as it supports the testing of multiple devices simultaneously. Laptop,iPhone, tablet, and Android users can conveniently utilize this platform without hindrance.


Easy to use

The interface of this tool is self-explanatory. It is designed to check and analyze the working of your gamepad tester with ease.


Instant results

Plugin your device and get efficient, accurate, and instant outcomes at your fingertips. This feature makes it very convenient for the users.


Stunning UI

The UI of this website is top-notch. The great design and layout enable users to complete their tasks with little difficulty on time.

How to fix gamepad drift?

When gamepad drift occurs, the gaming avatar starts moving on the screen on its own even when you're not tapping the buttons. It can make the game very difficult to play. Keeping this complication in mind, we have gathered some steps that'll help you troubleshoot gamepad drift:


Reset your controller

Simply resetting your gaming controller can resolve your issue. To do so, press and hold the button on the controller for a few seconds until the device turns off. Repeat the process once again to turn on the device.


Replace the batteries

Replacing the batters of your controllers with fresh ones may also prove beneficial.


Clean your game controller

Cleaning your game controller is the easiest and fastest solution to do. The first step is to turn off your controller for a few seconds. Now apply a few drops of alcohol on a cotton swab or soft cloth and carefully rotate and wipe the entire surface of the thumbstick. Follow the same process for other analog sticks as well.

If your gamepad still drifts, dismantle your gaming controller and check if the analog sticks are positioned properly. Remove them and replace them with new ones if the thumbstick pads feel loose. Then, rearrange all the input parts of the controller and test its functionality.


It is an issue raised by many users in today's gaming era. Below are some tips to fix your controller and bring it back to proper working condition:-

  • There might be a possibility that your gamepad is not connected appropriately. So unplug your controller and plugin back again. If you still face the same issue, pair the controller to the pc via Bluetooth.
  • Sometimes users may not be aware that their gamepad or controller drivers are out-of-date, resulting in the malfunctioning of the controller. To fix this, use a drive booster that aids users in automatically downloading and updating drivers.
  • Another possibility is that your controller drivers are up-to-date, but your browser is outdated, so update and restart your browser to overcome the malfunctioning issue.
  • Another major concern is the background apps. Close all the background apps that may be using a gamepad.

It may seem a complex task to test Xbox on an IOS device, but the reality is something else. To test your Xbox, first, you need to pair your controller with the IOS device. Hold the pairing button and wait until the Xbox button blinks. When you notice the blinking, rush to the settings tab on the IOS device to the Bluetooth section, and here you will find the Xbox controller device. Select it to pair your Xbox controller on an iPhone device.

Yes, the gamepad tester is compatible with Xbox and PlayStation models. But make sure that you are using the latest PlayStation model that is starting from PS4 and the newer versions.

Before testing the input lag on your controller, make sure that there is no other electronic device interrupting your connection in the case of wired devices. Ensure that your monitor and PC are in sync for accurate results in the case of wired controllers.

Get to know about the timestamp of each input from your gamepad by observing the timestamp in this test and analyzing the problem of input lag on your controller.

Here are the guidelines to test the gamepad sticks on the controller:-

  • Open your browser and visit the Gamepad tester website.
  • Press any button on the controller to get the device detected by the Gamepad tester.
  • Move around the gamepad sticks. As soon as you do this, the tool will instantly generate or replicate their movements on the graph so that you can observe each action along the x-axis and check the working of your gamepad sticks.